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Skincare Services

Skincare is our specialty at AfA! We recommend that you come for a professional skin consultation if you have never had a skincare service with us before. It gives us an opportunity to exchange lots of information and make sure we are on the right path for the specific goals you wish to achieve.

Consultations are 60 mins, makeup is removed, skin is examined, home care is discussed

and a personalized journey is planned that suits the objectives!

Customized Facial

(from)$149 ~ 60 Mins

Can't decide or not sure which facial is right for you...let your aesthetician put together a customized facial for you! 


Mini Exfoliation/Extraction Facial

$79 ~ 30 Mins

This mini facial is fantastic to tend to breakouts that may occur between peels or regular facials. Also, great to help along the natural shedding process post-peel. Cleanse, enzyme mask & steam, either extractions or gentle mechanical exfoliation with personalized after care product application. Also, an efficient little boost for those busy clients on the go!

Soothing Papaya Facial

$149 ~ 60 Mins

Cooling, calming and hydrating revive your thirsty skin with this refreshing facial. Gently exfoliating, loaded with botanicals to firm and soothe, leaves skin supple and refreshed.

Perfect for clients with delicate or sensitive skin.

Clarifying Pumpkin Facial

$149 ~ 60 Mins

Rejuvenating, decongesting, brightening and smoothing. Fantastic for those niggly occasional breakouts or 'maskne'. Helpful with mild hyperpigmentation. Leaves skin bright and glowy. 

Rejuvenating Cranberry Facial

$149 ~ 60 Mins

The most active of the enzyme facials in the range this super exfoliating facial is brimming with protective antioxidants from organic berries. With stimulating benefits of cinnamon and ginger this facial will leave you plumped and luminous. 

Classic Peptide Firming Facial

$149 ~ 60 Mins

Give your skin an instant lift with this gentle but powerful lifting facial. Gently exfoliates and reduces inflammation with a collection of peptides and enzymes. Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Pumpkin Peptide Firming Facial

$159 ~ 60 Mins

Peptides lift and plump while Pumpkin exfoliates, nourishes and reduces inflammation. Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, goves and instant glow!

Ultimate Pampering Facial

$239 ~ 105 Mins

Immerse yourself in the most luxurious, pampering facial out there! Any one of the above facials can be modified to this special treat of a facial. Additional elements included in this facial are Gua Sha or Cupping modality for facial massage, Paraffin treatment for hands, Additional Collagen Jelly or Stem Cell mask & 15 min LED Light Therapy.


Dermaplaning Facial

$165 ~ 60 Mins

Dermaplaning uses a sterile blade to remove surface dead skin cells and vellus hairs on the face and neck. Instant glow! Perfect pre-event treatment for smooth makeup application and fantastic pictures. Cleanse, steam exfoliation, dermaplaning, hydrating mask, personalized aftercare product application. Great for those who may be sensitive to more advanced resurfacers and peels. For those that arent sensitve you can boost this treatment with a resurfacer for that ultimate glow!

Skincare is our specialty at AFA! We recommend that you come for a professional skin consultation if you have never had a skincare service with us before. It gives us an opportunity to exchange lots of information and make sure we are on the right path for the specific goals to achieve.

Consultations are 60 mins, makeup is removed, skin is examined, home care is discussed and a personalized journey is planned that suits the objectives


Resurfacers & Peels

Needling Services

Micro and Nanno needling are our favourites for addressing a broad variety of skin concerns. Microneedling treatments are generally relegated to the advanced skincare season of September to May. Nannoneedling treatments are available, based on consultation, year round. 

Microneedling (includes light therapy post Tx)

$240* ~ 90 Mins

An aesthetician's favourite! Microneedling or Micro-channeling also called Collagen Induction Therapy, is the ultimate all around modality to treat several skin concerns. We use a 5% lidocaine for the most comfortable treatment. Using a sterile multi-needle head, the electronic microneedling device channels tiny holes in the skin stimulating a wound healing response. This in turn encourages the growth of new collagen, firming and tightening the skin from the inside out, speeding up cell turnover (shedding old cells) giving pores a tighter appearance & evening out skin tone irregularities. This treatment is brilliant at breaking down fibrous scar tissue, reducing post acne scarring and pigmentation. This treatment includes a light therapy with hydrating mask to calm the skin down and start the healing process. You can expect to be a little pink and tight immediately post treatment with the best results apparent around 4 weeks post-treatment. It is recommended that this treatment is done in a minimum course of three, 4-6 weeks apart.

Avoiding over exposure to the sun is essential for best results.

*Not appropriate for skin that has an active acne breakout or those that suffer from psoraisis. If you have a higher fitzpatrick skin type, IV and above, it is recommended that you start on a melanocyte inhibitor 4 weeks prior to having this treatment.

*Face only see add ons below to include other areas.

Needling Add Neck - 15 Mins - $55

Needling Add Chest - 15 Mins - $60

*Avaialble in a series of 4 microneedles

Nanoneedling Glow-Up Facial

$225* ~ 90 Mins

Nanoneedling is essentially the same principle as microneedling but using smaller hair-like needles that go to a minimal depth. This treatment is comfortable enough to do without anesthetic for those sensitive to topical anesthetic. Great for stimulating cell turnover to achieve that luminous glow or as a gentle introduction to microneedling. Due to the gentleness of this treatment it is safe to do all year round & on all fitzpatrick types. This is really the glow up facial you have been looking for!

Versatile, minimal down-time and really results driven! 

Cleanse, exfoliating enzyme mask, steam, nanoneedling, facial massage and personalized after care product application. In addition to the add ons and upgrades below you can also top this treatment off with a light therapy to make it that much extra! 

*Face only see add ons below to include other areas.

Add Needling Neck - 15 Mins - $55

Add Needling Chest - 15 Mins - $60

Upgrade exfoliating enzyme mask to a resurfacer - $40

Through LUX Aesthetics, we are offering PRP needling treatments! 

To learn more about this needling procedure click this link:

Resurfacers & Peels

DermaQuest Resurfacers provide an effective and non-invasive way to rejuvenate your skin, using innovative technology and ingredients to minimize downtime, leaving you with a beautiful, radiant complexion.

With DermaQuest, resurfacers you'll experience minimal downtime & maximum results gradually and comfortably. 

DermaQuest Peels take the task to a deeper level. Downtime for peels can be as little as 5-7 days, however if you love the results, your seasonal journey with peels (Oct-April) can lead you to the more intense peels if needed and desired! Your aesthetican will guide you to the most appropriate treatments for you.  

Lunch Resurfacers

$109 ~ 30 Mins

7 resurfacers to choose from! Target acne, aging, pigmentation or all three!

The ultimate power move for the busy individual that wants the most bang for thier buck or for the person that is tentatively stepping into more advanced treatments such as peels or microneedling! 

Resurfacer Facials

$189 ~ 60 Mins

Full facial including a resurfacer appropriate for targeting your particular concerns.

Thee Power Couple Facial

$215 ~ 90 Mins

Developed to give a little more oomph to the basic resurfacer but not quite with the dramatics of a full deep peel. Expect dark marks to surface and flake away in 7-10 days. You must be on a home care regime designed with your aesthetician. You can book this treatment online but we do not provide this service without consultation. 

DermaQuest Peels

$199 - $299 ~ 60 Mins

DermaQuest Peels give dramatic results for acne, pigmentation, & aging concerns. Peels have downtime with the expectation of 2 weeks of peeling and subsequent flaking. These are not able to be booked online.

Please book a Skin Consultation as Peels are not appropriate for everyone. 

Facial Add-Ons

These Add-Ons are able to be added on to most of the facials described above. Your aesthetician will guide you as to what add-ons are right for you! 

Light Therapy

LED Light Therapies - Light therapy has been used in medical capacity since the 1950's you may have experienced the healing properties of light therapy in physiotherapy. There are several wavelengths of light that are indicated for different concerns. Most notable are the Red Light (rejuvenating, healing and anti-ageing) & Blue Light (anti-bacterial, good for acne, psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions). A hydrating facial mask is applied to the skin & eye protection is provided for this add on. Can be added on to any facial treatment! 

 Light Modalities -

Led Light Therapy - 15 Mins - $25

Led Light Therapy - 30 Mins - $40

Resurfacer Upgrades

Resurfacer upgrade are a fantistic way to make the most out of your facials! Minimal downtime for the maximum results! These are acid based and penetrate to a deeper level than the enzymes used in traditional facials. Target ageing, pigmentation, acne or generally illuminate your complexion.

Your specialist will choose the most appropriate resurfacer for you!

Get your glow on! 

 Resurfacer Upgrades -

Specialist Choice - 15 Mins - $40

Massage Modalities

Massage modalities - are in addition to the manual massage already in the facial. An extra special treat if you are a facial massage fan! The additional lymphatic drainage benefits from these modalities will help to clear toxins and deliver fresh blood to the facial skin and muscles. The cold therapy of the Gua Sha crystals will soothe the skin and help with inflammation. A favourite add on to resurfacer treatments. Cupping is particularly good at plumping out fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin plumped and very healthy looking! You will not be left with cupping marks on your face like you might with body cupping. 

Massage Modalitlies - 

Gua Sha - 15 Mins - $25

Facial Cupping - 15 Mins - $25


Specialized Modalities 

Specialized Modalities - These modalities are mechanical and can help with a few different concerrns.

High Frequency is a non invasive modality that can oxygenate the skin creating an antibacterial ozone for acne sufferers. It has also been shown to have rejeuvinating properties for antiageing benefits.  

Radio Frequency is a fantastic way to tighten loose skin in the lower face and neck area, often where we see the effects of gravity on a mature skin. These modalities are for adding on to facials.


Specalized Modalitlies -

High Frequency - 15 Min - $30

High Frequesncy - 30 Min - $45

Radio Frequency - 15 Min - $30

Radio Frequency - 30 Min - $45

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